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Management as an Activity

Activity Management is the process of recording the day to day doings of an employee, in an order in which they are done, all while labeling their activity correctly. Activity management is an essential key to the success of a firm as it helps to control the direction of your business and increase efficiency.

Managing activities would help the workers prioritize their daily activities. Although, monitoring the progress of the regular jobs done by individual workers can be complicated as the establishment grows either internally like the numbers of employees of duties assigned to each of them, or externally like the several locations and the remote employees.

The system of activity management enables a review or check on the performance of employers and their employees.

Features Of Activity Management

An activity management environment that functions emphasizes on proper handling of every task related to the organization. Activity management relies on the ideology that in a personal or group organization of workers, information from higher levels of management control every action that takes place in the enterprise, therefore proper recording process is critical and it cannot take place without managing the activities.

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In each category or department of an organization, there would be segmented tasks to be performed which would form a higher level of the subject. The activity management would feature labels where the workers would describe the functions they work on, the accomplishments on these tasks, every other information related to the job, the undone tasks that need working on, also any other related tasks too and several additional information.

The ideal activity management label would include the following elements

  • The Activity (which is a brief description of what you do)
  • Type of activity (whether it is meeting, an email, phone or others)
  • Name of the task
  • Title of project
  • Name or category of the project
  • The time length of the activity
  • Date of the task

Monitoring this recorded information on a regular basis is essential to assure the completion and accuracy of the record.

Importance Of Activity Management

1. It gives both the employer and the employees, information on the performance of the personnel involved.

2. The activity management helps to organize and emphasize the importance or relevance of the task at hand.

3. It also helps to avoid miscommunications and mistakes of task repetition in the workplace.

4. The closest thing we can measure is our thought and our activities, so managing our activities assists in handling the time allocated to the task.

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5. Freedom of the mind from jobs already done is significant so that there can be concentration on the present task, so a person’s mind needs to move tasks out of mind by recording them externally.

6. Activity management supports workers’ transparency as work activities are accurately tracked, and updates deserved by the employees are granted according to the daily-observed progress of the employees.

7. Tracking the employee’s work and the time spent helps to identify where improvements are essential.

8. Based on the tools or software used to track activities, the progress of a project could be viewed by various means, which could be by the total time spent or by the timeline displaying details on the order of the work. The recorded activities help workers manage their working systems and reduce the time spent on extraneous tasks.

9. Activity management gives the opinion to the company administration to approach projects differently for proper control of project-related.

10. It also saves time spent on locating a co-worker or drafting emails for the status of an assignment, where they can just understand the co-worker’s schedule from their tracked recorded activities.

11. The discipline of an employee can be solidified, and a caution of the acceptable behavior in the workplace can be enforced easily when the activities are tracked with the collection of viewable data. Also, co-workers can understand each other and know how they feel about each other daily.

The situation of command and control approach to management is no longer efficient among workers because the employees have a mind of their own which is their means of production.

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This reason emphasizes the importance of managing activity by the management team and senior leaders of the company. The managers could lead by example where they would have their actions tracked so that messages on efficiency could communicate to the employees.

As they say, “the power of the small wins,” the best boost of the work effort of a person is knowing that they are making progress on a relevant job. Being able to review or inspect the development of a task influences the emotions drawn towards the task and positively gives a perception of the work on only on you as an individual, but also on your co-workers and the organization itself.

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