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5 Advantages of Adding an Online Ordering System to Your Restaurant

We are in a digital age, and more services and products than ever before are now available with a simple click or a swipe. The restaurant industry, although thriving without the benefits of technology for a millennium can also take advantage of innovations like online ordering software.

Online order

Over 90% of patrons now use their smartphones to look at a restaurant menu before they ever walk through the door. This convenience can be extended to take-out customers as well. Although it may be easy enough for patrons to phone in a take-out order, adding an online ordering system can help restaurants to save time and money.

Restaurant kitchen management software that includes an online ordering component can help businesses to stay competitive, build relationships with their customers, and optimize their kitchen operations. Let’s look at a few of the advantages of adding an online ordering system for your restaurant.

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Increased Sales

Offering a more convenient way for your customers to order their meals can give your restaurant a competitive edge. Increasing your appeal across a larger audience can translate to higher sales figures. Food ordering systems can help you to increase sales through up-selling techniques. Suggestions for add-ons can be added to your customized program helping you to increase your sales across the board. Online orders can be made anywhere, anytime at the convenience of the customer increasing their satisfaction and connection to your business.

Staffing Costs

In busy establishments, you may end up having to employ a dedicated staff member just to answer phones and take call-in orders. This staffing requirement can be expensive. With an online ordering system, everything is automated requiring no staff involvement until an order is processed.

Reduce Order Errors

Taking orders over the phone often results in errors. A bad connection or an unfamiliar accent can lead your order taker to make costly mistakes. There is nothing more annoying for a customer than ending up with errors in their order. Annoyed customers that haven’t received good service are less likely to become repeat patrons or recommend your establishment to others. Online ordering systems have built-in checks that ensure that the person ordering is getting exactly what they want ensuring a satisfactory service experience.

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Safety Enhancement

In the pandemic era, many restaurants suffered great losses due to health restrictions and business closures. As we move forward, health and safety measures to protect your staff and customers from infection should be a priority. In-person ordering can put everyone at risk.

Providing customers with a safe ordering alternative can help to boost trust and credibility in your business. An online ordering system also allows customers to pay for their meals safely. Online payment eliminates the need for in-person transactions.

As the landscape of the food industry continues to shift, it’s important to implement the tools that will help your business to stay competitive and relevant. Online ordering systems can help you to stay connected to your patrons, provide a safe gateway for ordering, and save you money on staffing and order errors. Invest in the technology today that will help you to gain more success in the future.

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