What is Office Automation Systems? 7 Essentials in Office Automation Systems

What is Office Automation Systems? With the realization of its benefits, automation is becoming an everyday practice in many organizations. Both SMEs and large-scale enterprises are now leveraging the power of automation in boosting their productivity while reducing costs simultaneously.  Whether it’s downloading that accounting software or acquiring an app to help with processes such … Read more

What is Environmental Scanning And It’s Scope, Components & Importance?

What is Environmental Scanning? Environmental scanning is an examination of all external factors to determine the ones that have an effect on a business. Usually, the main objective of environmental scanning is to identify and consult factors outside the business environment. Though most times, these factors are beyond the organization’s control, it is essential to … Read more

Environmental Scanning

Financial Planning – Definition, Objectives, and Importance

Financial Planning – Definition, Objectives, and Importance Definition of Financial Planning “Financial planning is a statement estimating the amount of capital and determining its composition”.  If you are serious about attaining financial independence you most likely do what many financial gurus say e.g. you save your money, have a budget, live below your means, look … Read more