Challenges in Personal Selling

Challenges in Personal Selling Personal selling involves face-to-face contact with a customer. There is direct interaction between the buyer and the seller. In this two-way communication, the seller can identify the specific needs and problems of the buyer and tailor the sales presentation in light of this knowledge. But the audience  with the customer should … Read more

Sales Promotion Objectives

Sales Promotion Objectives The most basic objective of any sales promotion is to provide extra value that encourages purchase. When it is targeted at consumers, the intention is to stimulate consumers’ purchase. When the trade is targeted, the objective is to induce distributors to push the product. Sales Promotion Objectives are as follows: 1. Fast … Read more

Stages of Product Life Cycle

Product Life Cycle (PLC) A product is delivered to go through definite life stages, in the same manner as living organisms do. They are first introduced in the market and customers accept the product if they find it serving their needs. Sales grow rapidly. Finally everyone who need the product acquires it and sales plateau. … Read more