The Processes of Communication & 7 Major Elements of Communication Process

Processes of Communication Communication is vital for our day-to-day activities. However, communication is still a challenge to many.  And that’s why you must understand the basics of communication—from the processes to how you should communicate with others. This post will define the communication process, what it entails and how you can communicate successfully. Let’s dive … Read more

Oral Communication – Meaning, Advantages and Limitations

What Is Oral Communication? Communication refers to how information is received and passed between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior.  You can trace communication back to the origin of man. It’s believed that initially, man did not have articulate communication. However, with time our ancestors developed more eloquent and sophisticated communication … Read more

Business Letters: Definition, 10 Types, Format and Tips!

What is a Business Letter?  Employees, managers, clients, and potential customers are more likely to receive a business letter. A business letter is a formal communication document used to pass information from one company to another or from a company to its clients, employees, and other stakeholders.  A business letter must address a specific person … Read more

What is Communication Feedback? 21 Examples of Feedback in Communication

What Is Communication Feedback? Communication is the process of sending a message to a receiver with the goal of getting back feedback. On the other hand, feedback is a reply or response of the recipient to the conveyer of the message.  Feedback is the final stage of communication, and it’s also the essential part—without it, … Read more

How to Paraphrase to Create Plagiarism-Free Essays?

Learn How to Paraphrase to Create Plagiarism-Free Essays? Paraphrasing is a useful tool that can help students craft a successful research paper or an essay in a relatively short period of time. What’s more, this method is the only legitimate way to borrow ideas from someone else’s work. Paraphrasing can save space and truncate the … Read more

How to Write Professional Recruiting Emails to Candidates

How to Write Professional Recruiting Emails to Candidates Recruiting emails. You can also call them the bane of many organizations. Connecting with new candidates is crucial, but finding the perfect recruiting email is pure torment. Workonic highlighted that over 20% of recruiters feel they cannot meet the demands candidates have because job seekers are picky … Read more

What is Communication? Types and Barriers in Communication

What is Business Communication? For a business to run well they have to be proper communication. Without proper communication, things are unlikely to go well. So, what is communication? Communication has numerous definitions but simply put communication is the sharing of information, it is the giving and receiving of messages and finally the transfer of … Read more

8 Strategies to Improve Communication Skills

How to Improve Your Communication Skills? Communication is one of the soft skills that improve the chances of building a strong career, success in any business, and helps in developing good relationships with people of different backgrounds and experts. Having poor communication skills can create conflict in a number of ways: It can harm an … Read more

What is Crisis and Different Types of Crisis

What is Crisis? I owe him 2 million dollars and I only have 1 million dollars in my bank. No one will advance me any money and I need to pay him tomorrow. I don’t have the rest of the money in my hands but I do have something else. I have a crisis. Everyone … Read more

5 Steps of Process of Writing

Writing Process The writing process consists of 5 steps:   Planning   Drafting   Revising   Formatting   Proof Reading The amount of time devoted to each step depends on the type of document to be generated, that is, its length, complexity and requirement. Essay writers generally adapt the various steps of the writing process … Read more

Purpose and Process of Reading

Purpose of Reading Before actually beginning to read, it is important to know the purpose of reading, that is, why the reading is being done. Knowing the purpose greatly enhances the effectiveness of the reading. Also, knowledge of the purpose can help one adopt a style of reading best suited for the purpose. Some of … Read more

Methods For Teaching Reading

Methods For Teaching Reading After one is aware of the purpose and process of reading, one has to decide on the style that needs to be applied to best suit the purpose and the reading material. The approach to reading style determines the basic question-‘How to read?’. There Are Two Approaches to Reading: 1. Fast … Read more

Barriers to Communication

Barriers to Communication Communication is a process that covers six different steps involving among others, encoding, decoding and transmission. For ensuring effective communication, all the parties and instruments will have to play their part as envisaged. At every stage of the communication process, however, there are barriers, which hinder or dilute the flow of communication. … Read more

Barriers to Effective Listening

Barriers to Effective Listening The factors which act as impediments to effective listening and are considered as barriers to effective listening can be classified into the following: Physical Barriers Noise, poor acoustics, malfunctioning of the mechanical devices being used, frequent interruptions and uncomfortable seating arrangements are physical barriers that hamper effective listening. The first step … Read more

Characteristics and Purpose of Group Discussion

What is a Group? A group, in the context of organizational communication, is defined as a collection of individuals who interact with each other, accept expectations and obligations as members of the group and share a common identity. Group activities have certain advantages and disadvantages. What Is a Discussion? A discussion is understood as an … Read more