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Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020

The main trends of Internet marketing in 2019, continue to develop trends that have emerged in 2017 and 2018. And if we consider the situation as a whole, then it is easy to conclude that the strategies and techniques in the Internet advertising that will provide the target audience with authentic and interesting content will remain relevant and will continue to be popularized, and it is precisely in that place and exactly at that time, where it is necessary for a particular group of users or even for a specific user.

Marketing Trends

Internet Marketing Trends

1. Content Optimized for Voice Queries

According to research, 20% of searches in search engines in the past year were made using voice. According to the most realistic forecasts, by 2020 their share will be 50%. It is important that the voice search algorithms are different from the usual text. And the user requests themselves are different. There are a lot of Research Papers about this.

2. Mobile Video is the Most Current Form of Advertising

Since January 2018, video advertising has exceeded $12 billion. Projections show that over the next year the figure will increase by 1.5 times. Therefore, it makes sense for marketers to process advertising campaigns right now and add videos to them.

3. Selling Videos to Increase Conversion

These are short videos with a full description of your offer on the selling page. Content in video format is more convenient for perception. Surveys show that about 76% of consumers trust companies that use video.

4. Virtual or Augmented Reality

It seems that today only lazy does not speak about it. However, the application that VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) even in a marketing campaign is very limited. Technology comes and goes—the brand philosophy remains. Virtual reality changes only the form of content delivery, and the content itself still depends on the company. The narrative is more important for society than its carrier.

5. Analog or Digital, Real or Virtual – All Balance on the Verge of Two Worlds.

This state will have an impact on how we talk about the brand today: we should take into account that people are now looking beyond the horizon, romanticizing the unknown, fantasies and the unreal. Social networks and the digital world have now become a form of escapism of a new level—the level of unreality.

6. From Views to Interaction

Views and the number of visitors means nothing without interaction and conversion. Sites and pages on Facebook with many visitors and subscribers, but low levels of involvement will be downgraded by algorithms that will automatically reduce their availability, categorizing as informative, passive and irrelevant.

Interactivity is gold in the world of internet marketing.

7. Technology and Spirituality— A New Duo

Modern startups successfully combine creativity and technical rationality. When every second person writes code, technologies cover more and more new areas and go beyond the usual tools—now this is the way to embody cultural experiments in the digital space.

When technology becomes an assistant in the spiritual search, applications that help people get rid of applications, virtual tools with which you can become closer to reality, turn out to be a new trend.

The marketer can catch this wave and help clients in their quest to get more offline time for themselves, for internal development, for self-realization—thanks to the tools of the online service.

8. Internet of Things

The marketing potential of smart objects that we use daily will only grow. So far, these are mainly smartwatches and fitness bracelets that send data about the state of health of its owner.

Access of household appliances, such as kitchen appliances, to social network accounts, email or digital signatures of the owner, as well as his geolocation data, not only expands communication opportunities and improves service quality but also exacerbates the issue of security and data protection.

Receptions and technologies of Internet marketing develop and refine tirelessly, so one who is lagging behind the actual tendencies risks useless spending advertising budget. So, if a few years ago, a popular technique for attracting attention on the Internet was, say, the use of teasers with the so-called shock-content, then at this time, the audience is not going to get that already…

What has been changed?

First of all the audience itself. Users faced with such a huge amount of advertising information that they pay less and less attention to it every day. And you need something really original and interesting to still get feedback from the audience and achieve the goals of the campaign.

Today also popular sites for Internet marketing have changed. If some 5-10 years ago were relevant to different catalogs of sites, banner networks, and e-mails, now in the trend—social networks and messengers. And in 2018, this trend will only increase.

In this regard, the following trends and techniques of Internet advertising will evolve:

1. Streaming Video

The streaming video was popular in 2018 and will continue to gain popularity also in 2019. According to various studies, streaming video users view a few times longer than video. In addition, it should be noted that many Internet marketing platforms have implemented or actively implemented the functionality for creating and distributing streaming video, giving advertisers more and more new opportunities.

2. Active Use of Instant Messengers

A messenger from the communication channel has long become a promising channel for Internet marketing. It is expected that in 2019, the use of messengers for advertising purposes will become even more popular, but at the same time, various automation tools will be actively involved, for example, the same chat boots.

3. Viral Marketing

This is not a novelty in online advertising, but its popularity still does not fade. And in 2019, this type of Internet marketing will again be given a lot of attention. Only, of course, we can not forget about quality: the chances of truly viral distribution are only really original content that “clings.”

4. Geo-Zoning

If we recall how modern users are tied to different mobile gadgets, the development of such a trend as ozonation in 2019 seems quite logical. It is expected that the advertising of goods and services, taking into account the location of a particular user at a specific time, will be even more popular and popular.

5. Content Authenticity

You can find a lot of different content on the Internet. And most often, unfortunately, this content differs neither in high quality nor originality. That’s why it is expected that in 2019 large-scale development will receive a trend such as the authenticity of the content, that is, the original, informative and valuable content will be in demand.

6. Promotion to Instagram

Business promotion on Instagram is expected to continue to grow in 2019. Moreover, publications with video content will be especially relevant, since today the platform provides an opportunity to upload videos of up to 1 minute, which allows you to put in the publication a lot of useful and valuable information for the target audience and thus attract its attention. In addition, it’s impossible to mention a tool like Instagram Stories: 2019 is predicting an even greater increase in its popularity for business accounts.

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