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Why do You Need to Stop Using Regular Shipping Boxes?

In the past few years, we have witnessed an increase in the popularity of online shopping. And with the COVID -19 pandemic, people rely on online stores for their food and other supplies. This new order has forced many businesses to move their sales efforts online.

Custom Packaging - Why You Need to Stop Using Regular Shipping Boxes

Managing an online business is a bit easy, especially if you understand the nitty-gritty of e-commerce and online sales strategy. This is because; you can automate some of your management processes and make sales faster and better. However, there is still the issue of packaging.

Several businesses face issues with packaging their products. This is because of the high costs of doing it. However, some firms choose to use regular shipping boxes made from cartons which are cost-effective. But, these are not the best.

As much as e-commerce reduces the stress of sales processes, the packaging is still an essential part of it that requires effort. This is because it enables you to showcase the quality of your product and build brand awareness.

Though regular shipping boxes are cost-effective, they still have some effects on your business and the ecosystem. So, you need to learn more about custom product box packaging and how it can benefit your business.

Benefits of Custom Box Packaging

Our efforts on advertising make up a vital part of our customer’s experience. This is because advertising gives us a chance to prove that our products are a superior choice. And this is highlighted through packaging.

Custom Packaging - Why You Need to Stop Using Regular Shipping Boxes

Having your products packaged with custom boxes is necessary, especially for e-commerce. So, here are five benefits of using custom product box packaging.

1. Protection of Your Products

Using a custom package allows you to choose the type and quality of material for packing your product. And unlike using regular shipping boxes, which might not fit your product, you can select the materials that will be suitable for it. For instance, if your products are fragile, using a regular box will not be best. Hence, you might need to use a bubble cushion for them.

Custom Packaging - Why You Need to Stop Using Regular Shipping Boxes

One of the benefits of a custom package is protecting the product and ensuring it stays intact during its movement from the manufacturers to the final consumer. So while premade packages might be an easier option, they might not fit your needs.

For instance, a premade package box without equal dimensions with your product might cause damages during shipping. So, imagine that you are a consumer and the goods you ordered arrives damaged. Though there might be return policies, you may not purchase goods from such a company again.

While your business might suffer the implications of a poor package, your customers will too. This is because it takes time and effort to return goods, and your customers will not want that. Therefore, it is best to use a custom package to avoid such situations.

2. Protects Your Customers

Here is the thing. Custom packing allows you to add any vital information before delivery to the final consumers, unlike regular shipping boxes that are mostly plain. For instance, if your products are edible, details like ingredients, nutritional value, allergens, and expiry dates are necessary and can help protect your customers. Also, if your product is inedible, some detail about its product ingredients or toxic substances it might contain is vital.

Listing the toxic ingredients in your products might seem to impact your business reputation negatively. However, it is best to maintain transparency and safety about your products. This can inspire a loyal client base. You can click on https://searchcustomerexperience.techtarget.com/ to read more about the benefits of transparency in maintaining loyalty.

3. Showcase Your Brand

Packaging is a part of advertising that can help showcase your brand. This is because it does not only hold the product but can display your other products, message, and vital details about your business.

Custom Packaging - Why You Need to Stop Using Regular Shipping Boxes

There are several competitors in your industry therefore, it is best to choose what makes you stand out; like a customized package. For instance, you can add a style and message from your brand to your package. And this can make you stand out and gain recognition from your customers.

For your new customers, your packaging gives them their first impression of your business. So, make it count. This is because a good customer experience can boost brand recognition.

4. Capture the Attention of Your Customers

This part is vital from a sales perspective. This is because tailoring your packing to represent, elevate, and fit your products gives your business a level of credibility.

As we said earlier, your packaging is usually the first point of contact between your business and potential clients. So ensuring that it is of good quality can transform potential clients into loyal customers thereby increasing your client base.

Custom Packaging - Why You Need to Stop Using Regular Shipping Boxes

Furthermore, several customers usually make their purchasing decision based on packaging. For instance, a study conducted in 2019 by the Packaging and Paper Board shows that seven out of ten consumers purchased a product due to its packing. Therefore, a unique product packing is best for effective marketing.

We cannot displace the importance of an effective product as a crucial part of a brand’s success. However, without a unique visual representation of the products, the consumers might not choose them. And with numerous similar products at the customer’s disposal, yours might get lost in the crowd.

5. Provide Eco-friendly Solution

Before now, some businesses utilized packing materials like regular shipping boxes that are dangerous to our environment and human health in general. However, with the increase in environmental consciousness, several consumers now choose products with more sustainability – eco-friendly. So, utilizing eco-friendly packing solutions is a vital step for your business success. You can read this article for eco-friendly packaging ideas.

Custom Packaging - Why You Need to Stop Using Regular Shipping Boxes

A study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency shows that 35% of consumers agree to choose an expensive product over the cheaper one because they are sustainable. Therefore, using a more sustainable packing solution can be profitable for your business.

There has been more research into eco-friendly solutions. And this will not only benefit our environment but our business and customers. In addition, as a sustainable package requires using less material, it might as well be a cheaper packaging option.


There is a need for a unique visual representation of your business to improve sales and boost brand awareness. And it does not only require a great product but a quality and sustainable packaging solution.

Though a regular shipping box might seem cost-effective, a customized one is best.  This is because your packaging is your new customer’s first point of contact, so make it count

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