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Good Habits of Highly Effective People!

Humans are creatures of habit and the habits you have created over time determine your success. Old habits are difficult to break but through habit formation you can build new behaviors, despite the difficulty encountered while trying to form them. Through repetition you can form good habits that will make you productive. Some of the habits that will make you better are;

  • Reading-All the best leaders world over are readers. Developing a reading habit is good as it helps stimulate your mind. From reading you get to learn new things, get personal experiences of great minds, etc. You may say that you don’t have time to read but are constantly on social media or catching up on a series of Netflix. Drop the social media and switch off the TV and just read, even for 30 minutes a day.
  • Exercising– Am sure you have heard numerous times about the need to be physically active. Exercise helps keep your body in shape and keeps you healthy. If you don’t take care of yourself you may experience bad health which will definitely hamper your productivity. Making jogging a habit for example, will lead to reduced stress and a clear mind.
  • Having a Plan For Each Day- Being clear on what you want to achieve each day will help in coming up with a clear plan on how to do it. Most leaders plan their day the night before so that they begin working on their goals the moment they get up. Having a plan makes you focused on what you want done.
  • Prioritizing Your Time-To be more productive you need to use your time well. If you don’t use you hours well you won’t achieve much. The key here is to set aside several hours for your top projects. During this time, you focus 100% on the task at hand and allow no distractions. The battle for your time starts when you wake up in the morning and prioritizing time to be productive can be the secret ingredient to your success.
  • Tracking Progress– Make it a habit to review your progress. If you have decided to be financially prudent, you can check your account regularly to see if you are living within your means. Tracking can be also monitored by keeping a regular journal on your performance. If you don’t monitor what your doing it may be impossible to tell if the new habit is becoming a part of you or not. At the end of the day make it a habit to review it i.e. did you attain your goal for the day or did you find a solution to a problem you had?
  • Start Practicing– Deciding to change or acquire a new habit is a good first step. But after deciding you need to put that decision to action. You need to start doing your new habit every day until it feels normal to you. Remember a habit is only entrenched by repetition, practice makes perfect.
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Words of Appreciation in Your Professional and Personal Life

As I writer one habit I choose to adapt is being appreciative. Showing gratitude to people in your professional and personal life is a god habit to develop. Some of the ways you can cultivate this habit is;

  • Always Say Thank You– Saying those simple words may not seem much but they go a long way in showing a person that you appreciate what they do for you. It may at times be the only thing a loved one or a colleague would like to hear. Be specific when showing appreciation for example, “Thank you for helping me with my assignment. I couldn’t have done it without you”.
  • Take Them For a Treat– Taking a colleague out for coffee and telling them you appreciate the support they give you will go a long way in showing them you value their assistance. At home you can get your partner chocolate, flowers or whatever to they like to show them you appreciate them. Also try inviting them to do something you know they’ve always wanted to do.
  • Appreciate Them Publicly– This doesn’t have to be big or flashy. Simply standing up while with friends or co-worker and saying you are grateful for what someone does for you will make them feel extra special. You can also let their boss know how they’re doing a great job and contributing to the company. This displays of appreciation will build better relationships and ensure you continue to receiver support from them and hence you become more productive.
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Remember once you do something long enough and often enough it becomes a habit. So, you can deliberately train yourself to have certain habits. Breaking a habit and forming a new one is a great way to strengthen your mind from following habits that are no longer useful and building the will power to make habits that are beneficial. Begin now find one habit to stop and one to start. ALL the best!

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