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How to Become a Project Management Professional – A Complete Guide for 2020

To be a professional in project management (PM) is a marvelous thought of starting a career. Hop onto any online PMP certification course to grasp the fundas and the concepts of project management. You’ll be more ready to take the responsibilities at the next level of firms. This will also spike the salary from the current situation.

The person can work in any environment or scenario. He can be a major part of the big companies of different industries either IT or not IT. If we consider the basic definition of a project from a PMI perspective, i.e., “a timely hard work put to craft a new or unique product or the service,” is called the project, the definition provides the widespread of the project management with a wink of an eye.

There are a lot of online courses. The PMP Certification exam will outlast you from the crew. This will not only enhance the key skills required for the one to be a PMP professional but also the dexterities of spiking probability of much-praised salaries on your desk. The certification will increase the scope of a career with a wide bracket of knowledge and skills growth.

Project Management

The job opportunities are vast ranging from trends magazines to nuclear plants for a project management enthusiast. It has a wide scope in and out of the industry.

It never matters the location of the person working, whether he is doing his job from a company office or freelancing remotely from any geolocation, his work is extremely different but eventually connected to the managing projects accompanied by the Life Cycle, leading teams, making sure of the objectives and goals have been set, whether they are met on time or not, within the time constraints and certainly the reports to upper persons in the management hierarchy.

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In terms of salary talking, let’s see what does the ninth edition of PMI’s project management salary survey has to say? It clearly amplifies the average salary of a PMP certified to 20 percent more than the non-certified. While working within the four walls of a firm the career of a Project Manager always keeps on rising, huge thanks to the board of directors of the business or firm, completely gained by managing projects.

How one can be Project Management Professional?

Some of the key points that a career seeker must be a PM leader:

Justify the PMP Education Plus Work Experience Needs

Prior to being a PMP, one must have an essential education completed for a qualification purpose and the work experience as a resume` essential. The PMI serves you two various options relying upon educational background and even the level of education.

This is the various educational and work-related requirements:

The ones who want to see themselves at high peaks must have completed a high school diploma along with at least 7500 hours of experience in market-leading and pointing projects.

The ones who have done their degree need 4500 hours spent with perspective to the project management work. The reason for this much fewer hours is that they have a plethora of formal education prior, so evenly is balanced the beam balance of education and work experience for these crafters.

It never matters what level of education does one possess, what matters is every PMP deserves must have completed his journey of 35 hours at least in a project management preparation course affiliated by a recognized provider.

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Grab Some PMP Prep Course

The course not only covers the count of 35 hours but also will aid you in clearing out the certification in the first attempt.

To have a real review of the desired course is somewhat a hectic task for a newbie on the internet. To search on the internet for a particular course in the current time is like finding a needle from a haystack. Don’t settle down for the podcasts, or some entry-level study guide.

The quality comes with hard labor and not just money. It’s the effort that one puts in one project or examination or work that fruits your preparation of the project. Once you choose the right initiative to start the right course, you’ll not only be glad to delve into but also be contended with the choice you made.

The above course won’t regret your choice!

Apply for the Examination

Prior to the application for an exam, one must prepare all his credentials in one form in advance. You’ll be prompted again and again for your education and experience. So to save every dime of your time, it’s a better approach to follow. Prepare the list of the contacts of all your workers and co-workers who’d been in the PMI to conduct random verifications.

Consider it as a reliable option if one addresses his experiences in such a way that are associated with the PMI standard like ordinary descriptions may be denied or require some rework/reprocessing. This will accelerate things a bit faster and ensure that your application is not at a halt for some silly reason or might get rejected at worst.

The moment your application is submitted, the approved email often takes less than ten days. The next is paying an emolument for the examination.

How Can You Pass the Exam?

The PMP certification test is held at one of Prometric’s globally testing sites. The pattern is somewhat similar to other institute entry examinations of engineering or medical. You’ll have your one and the only weapon, i.e., calculator. You’ll be seeing 200 questions with more than one answer type.

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The status of the examination is displayed momentarily. The time you finish your exam, you’ll know whether you have the joy or need one more attempt. The certification is not that easy that you should take it lightly; it contains some real-life scenarios and some use cases which in turn are mind dwelling at that moment.

Here you need to know every single thing about PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge), along with this you have to connect all the blank dots of your project management experience into one moment to be capable of answering all those queries.

Maintaining the Certification

So to maintain the integrity of the certification you will be prompted after every three years to uphold the PMI’s Continuous Certification Requirements in which you have to preserve the score of 60 PDUs (Professional Development Units) minimum. PDUs are credits that are associated with your particular activities which must be sanctioned by the PMI.

60 PDUs Consists of :

  1. At least 35 to be from regular education ( 8 has to be from the technical skills, eight goes to leadership quality, and 8 to the strategy formation skills plus the business)

2. 25 PDUs at least are on edge to keep for either working as a project manager (8 to the maximum extent) or from the knowledge by crafting content, providing courses, et. al.  Don’t give much stress to your brain if CCR sounds a bit out of the course: the whole process is beautifully designed to which you won’t feel any pressure down the road.


On the whole, it won’t be wrong to say that PMP certification brings in a lot of opportunities in the lifetime of a person. He has way more chances than a particular IT professional. The reason is that the PMP person has a lot more knowledge of many aspects of the industry, then whether it is IT or non-IT field.

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