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How to Calm Community Worries During Corporate Hardship?

When a company is responsible for a significant percentage of a local community’s employment, it can put a lot of stress on the individuals running the company. When bad news strikes for your company you know there is the potential for a significant ripple effect to spread out to the rest of the community around you.

While those at the company are no doubt aware of the effect the company has on the community around it, so too are the people who live in the town that rely on your company for work. When a problem is on the horizon it can unsettle the entire community if it is not handled right. Here is how to best share any bad news with the surrounding community.

Corporate Hardship

Take an Honest Assessment

Before you can be honest with the community it is important to be honest internally. When facing a potential concern it is important to get as accurate of an assessment of the situation as possible. Not only does this enable you to communicate clearly to employees and the community, but it is also essential for creating an effective plan to avert the misfortune or minimize the damage it can inflict.

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Plan Thoroughly

The worst thing you can do when faced with a potential piece of bad news is to share it rashly without taking time to craft a response. Saying the wrong thing in such a situation can significantly increase the fallout as a result of the bad news. By taking the time to assess where your company stands and what your options are you allow for the chance to reflect on your possibilities with a clear mind in order to find the best route forward.

Get Ahead of It

No matter how bad the news you have to share is, one thing you can count on is others’ guesses at what is going on will always be worse. This is why it’s essential to address the concerns directly instead of hiding them and hoping it goes unnoticed. When sharing the news, be honest with the community. The more open and honest you are, the more trusting and forgiving the community will be. This also allows the community to react and prepare, minimizing the negative impact of the news, and in turn minimizing the hit your company takes.

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Offer Solutions

One of the best ways to put minds at ease when sharing bad news with the community is to have solutions ready to share at the same time. Similar to when sharing bad news with employees, offering solutions helps to calm nerves, as it provides a path forward for those in the community to see how the negative impacts of the bad news can be minimized and your company and the community around it can come out the other side of the issue in a strong state.

Keep Things Postive

When your company carries a great deal of influence in a region then you have the ability to help shift the community’s mood based on how you speak on issues. When it comes to delivering bad news, a positive framing goes a long way. By keeping the focus on the positives and ways to move forward toward a brighter future, you prevent a feeling of dread from setting in within the community.

No company wants to be put in the position of dealing with bad news or a PR crisis, but when you find yourself in that situation your best path forward is to minimize the negatives. By following these tips you can handle your next hardship as effectively as possible and return your company to the positive footing you prefer.

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