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7 Things That Every Instagram Marketer Should Know

Instagram marketing is extremely popular nowadays. Companies and individuals are employing great tactics to increase Instagram followers.


Instagram has become a big space for companies and individuals to market their products. While several people are doing Instagram marketing not every one of them succeeds.

Things That Every Instagram Marketer Should Know 

Several innovative methods are being used and more keep on coming. In this article, we have got you covered with all the techniques ranging from sites to buy Instagram followers to using Instagram advertisements. We have handpicked the top 7 things that every Instagram marketer should know.

1. Use Instagram stories

Instagram stories are one of the best features that you must use for marketing. Stories allow you to post content that can be viewed only for 24 hours. One of the biggest advantages of stories is that the content you post can be of a lesser quality than a post but it still has a very good reach.

Stories have quite a lot of features that help to make them fun and entertaining for your audience. You can add pictures, videos, and even text to them. Features such as the boomerang, question tags, polls, etc. allow you to make interesting content for your audience. You could also add links to your posts to get more traffic to them. Stories can also be used to do announcements for your brand.

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2. Use Various Instagram tools

Instagram gives all of its business accounts free access to several tools. These tools are extremely helpful for you to understand your audience. They help you gain valuable information about your audience. These tools provide you with statistics about your followers- their age, gender, country, active times

. You should use this data to analyze the correct times to post content. Finding out the demographics of your followers is a key to unlocking better engagement. The data provided is highly detailed and not generalized. You can get data for individual posts. It also shows which posts were your best performers in terms of engagement. Using all of this data provides you with a guideline of how to increase your engagement.

3. Purchase Instagram likes

Likes determine whether your followers like your content or not. While many may say that likes do not matter, the reality is that they do matter. Having a large number of likes makes you more likely to be promoted up the order by the Instagram algorithm. 

Purchase Instagram likes

One of the best methods to have a large number of likes is to buy Instagram likes. Buying likes from trustworthy sites allow you to add likes to the posts you choose. They also allow you to add likes on a monthly subscription. A large number of likes even promotes more people to like your content when they see it.  

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4. Buy Instagram followers

Followers on Instagram are as important as likes. Many brands struggle to find a large number of Instagram followers. Buying Instagram followers can be the answer to your needs. Many legitimate sites sell real followers. They do not use bots that harm your account. Real people with real accounts start to follow you. 

This helps you to gain real connections and potential customers for your products. Some websites also have a feature that lets you decide the country from which you want your followers to come. They only target those countries making sure that your followers fall within your requirements.

5. Take the help of an influencer

Having an Influencer on board can help you market your account even better. An influencer is a person who has a high number of followers and is active on the platform. Partnering with an influencer can help boost your credibility. They also allow you to target the entire fanbase of the influencer as potential clients. 

Things That Every Instagram Marketer Should Know 

There are several influencers out there but you must find the right one for you. Find an influencer who has followers who fall among your targeted audience. Find an influencer who is seen as reliable by the community. You could ask the influencer to do a product review or even just a post with then using your product

6. Try Instagram advertisements

Instagram advertisements are one of the best ways to have sponsored posts. Instagram advertisements allow you to post sponsored content in various ways. They allow you to post an advertisement in the form of a story, carousel, video, or photo. You can set an ad budget to control how much you want to spend on it.

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Instagram also allows you to decide on an audience that you want to target. Use good quality content as advertisements. You could also convert your highest-performing content into ads. Advertisements should have an attractive power that will pull people to visit your profile and follow you.

7. Upload customer content

You should add content created by your customers to your account. Many customers post pictures with or using your products. This presents a great opportunity to post them to your account. When your followers see a fellow person buying your products and being satisfied by them, they are encouraged to buy your products. 

Many big companies use this tactic to increase their engagement. You should ask your followers to tag your account when they post with your product and you should add those posts to your account. This boosts your engagement while building a great relationship with your followers.


Instagram is constantly expanding and providing Instagram marketers with new opportunities. The methods that we have given above are a must-know whether you are new to Instagram marketing or a veteran.

These methods will help boost your engagement. There is a healthy combination of free as well as paid methods. While free methods are great, you should apply some of the paid methods. Using sites to buy Instagram likes and Instagram advertisements gives you a much larger reach. Many say that getting Instagram followers is tough but applying the methods we have listed above, will provide results.

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