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Management as a Process

Management is a process embarked upon with the sole aim of achieving a purpose. That purpose could be to increase the client base of the firm, develop the knowledge, skills, and capacity of employees, or to achieve a specific sales target.

Managers placed at the helm of affairs in an organization need to follow due process to set goals and come up with plans on how to achieve results. And both the planning and execution phases involve due processes that the manager must abide by, strictly.

Management as a Process

Management as a process also involves interrelated activities by which the administration within an organization develops and controls the resources of the organization to achieve targeted results.

The Following Indicates Why Management is a Process:

1. Management and the Social Process

It is appropriate to say management is a social process because it does not only involve the control and use of financial resources alone. Human resources are also relevant for an organization to achieve its targeted goals. Therefore, the wellbeing and state of mind of the people or employees within the organization is of utmost importance too. And, as a result, management being a social process seeks to develop a comfortable work environment that promotes healthy relationships amongst the employees within the firm.

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2. Management and the Integrating Process

Management also involves the integrating process whereby human resources work together in harmony to achieve the firm’s objective. It also deals with the integration of both human and financial resources and also making sure that both factors are put to good use so the firm can achieve the targeted goal.

3. Management and the Never-Ending Process

Management is a process that will never end as long as the organization remains. There will always be projects, goals, and challenges managers would push themselves to solve at some point in time. So, it’s a continuous process that will never come to an end.

The definition of management is a broad one. It is a process, discipline, and science. Both in layman terms management is the act of coordinating, directing, or overseeing a project, resources, or individuals with the aim of achieving the targeted results. And when performed efficiently, it can bring about growth in any organization.

But when management is faulty, it is likely going to reflect in other aspects of the company. In this post, we will take a broad look at management as a process, discipline and science to have a better understanding of the concept.

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