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Best Student Planner Options for College Students

Time management is one of the most valuable skills a student can ever have. It’ll help you plan your time and get the best out of your academic life. That’s why you must learn how to manage your time while in school. 

What is a Student Planner?

When in college, effectively planning your schedule in terms of days, weeks, and even months will make a difference; most probably by drawing you closer to your goals. It is, therefore, evident that you need a student planner to help you plan better when in college. 

Student Planner

With planners, you can map out your entire week’s activities – from your scheduled tasks to appointments and help you accomplish them one after another. In as much as just typing your activities on your phone might sound like a good idea, the chances are that you’ll forget. 

This post will walk you through some of the most effective student planners you can use as a college student. Sure, there are 9 student planners on this list, but this is to give you a range of options to try out. Depending on your needs, you will pick one out of the 9 listed below. 

What to Look for in a College Student Planner?

a) Customizable

Some of the factors you need to consider before purchasing a student planner are whether or not you can customize it. Even though your student planner is meant to record all your school-related activities, this planner should also help you in planning your life.

Depending on your needs, you may need a college student planner that’s customized to your needs or one that can allow you to customize it.  

b) Portability

You may have plans well-laid down, but remember things do come up and that means your plans may change. This is why you need to look for a college student planner that you can carry wherever you go.

This will help you make changes whether issues come up when in school or outside the college premises. The point is that you want to have your college student planner with you to allow you to record any plan changes.

c) Easy Organization

The first reason why you are buying a college student planner is that you want it to help you better plan your school activities.

That means that any college student planner that’s not well-organized to help you with this is not the best fit for you. You need to get the value for your money, and because of this, you should never afford to wagger your money on a college student planner that’s too complicated.

Here is The List of the 9 Best Planners For Students:

1. LifePlanner by Erin Condren

If your preference in the choice of a planner is color, this might be the right option. You can also incorporate stickers of all shapes and sizes to promote an aesthetic feeling. These stickers are available on Etsy and are a perfect fit for LifePlanner boxes. You can also add the Washi tape to enhance its appearance even further.  

Additionally, this planner is undated, making it timeless. It features weekly and monthly vertical layouts. In weekly designs, there is a space set aside for taking notes. It also includes a ribbon which helps to keep track of your events. 

What’s more, the elegant banners, aesthetic designs, and splash pages with motivational quotes attract the most engagement. While it’s the most organized planner for college students, it’s an excellent option for people who value fashion.

2. The Live Whale Planner

The Live Whale Planner is an excellent option for students and digital nomads due to its convenient size. It includes hardcover and thick pages to prevent ink from bloating. There’s adequate space for writing on the inside, so you can update anything whenever you want to. Also, with the self-tracking pages, you can keep records of your activities based on time. 

Other notable pages you’ll find in the Live Whale Planner include a goal date tracker, a budget tracker, motivational quotes for each month, and exhaustion space. The tiny whale on the front cover is an added feature to enhance its appearance.

3. The Academic Passion Planner

The Academic Passion Planner is another option for college students, made from sturdy, faux leather. It exhibits a vegan-friendly construction with thick pages that can be used with nearly all types of pens. Also, it’s convenient to carry around and has up to 190 pages.  

Inside you’ll find adequate space for updating your weekly/monthly goals. The elastic snap-close enhances this booklet even more. If you’re a goal-oriented student who values time management, this planner might be your cup of tea.

4. Plum Paper Me Planner

Plum Paper planner is relatively expensive compared to its predecessors; however, it’s worth the price. Unsurprisingly, it’s the most affordable amongst its competitors’ options. This planner offers a wide variety of options, including family and traditional planner options. 

In addition to the other additions, the plum paper planner comes with three distinct layouts – evening, afternoon, or morning. Even more, you can schedule your plans on an hourly basis or blank lines. This type of planner is an excellent option for college students who want to keep track of many activities, including classes.

5. Academic Daily Planners 

This Academic Planner is available in two options – soft and hardcover. It’s an excellent choice for visionary or academic-oriented students. The vision planner is organized in a way that encourages you to work towards your goals. On the other hand, the academic planner offers adequate spaces for your goals, to-do list, and an additional list for different reasons.   

The best part? This booklet features extra pages packed with valuable information, such as a year goal tracking page, a holiday list, scheduling templates, a website login tracker, a wide variety of contact info pages, and more. At the beginning of each page, you’ll find an academic scheduler, which includes sections for time, class, the name of a professor, and room number throughout the week and semester.  

6. The 12-Month Compact View Planner

As much as everyday planning is crucial for a student’s success, it’s also worth considering the yearly plan. The 12-month Compact View Planner guarantees you pages worth a year, which are then tumbled down into months. 

This means that there are no rooms for daily entries, making an excellent choice for academic goals, or even plans that aren’t school-related, such as weddings, birthdays, or any other upcoming parties. 

This planner is 8×10 inches, including features like laminated hardcover, elastic snap band, a double-sided pocket, and sticker pages. What’s more, each page has an addition of a cute drawing and an inspirational quote to kickstart your day!  

7. Leather Weekly Diary

The Leather Weekly Diary is another planner that motivates you to stay organized with its bonded leather and golden cover. Even more, this planner features weekly/monthly/yearly pages to help keep track of your records at all times. 

From the inside, you’ll find ribbons for page marking, and elastic snap for securing the booklet. Other notable pages include wish list, website trackers, movies, restaurants, bars, addresses, and personal expenses, all while staying focussed. There’s also a pocket for additional storage.

8. Weekly Simplified Planner

Unlike the other college student planners we have discussed, this one is a bit unique. It’s a minimalist type of student planner; designed only to keep your plans and no other distractions. 

This is not a fancy type of college student planner because it focuses on keeping everything simple and not to distract you from losing focus from the core – planning your schedules. 

The Weekly Simplified Planner features lined sections that can help jot down class hours, including campus events or any other appointments you may have.

9. The Happy Planner – Student Edition

The Happy Planner Student Edition is one of the planners that any student will dream of having. You have full control over it and can customize it to look just the way you want it. If you like, remove some pages that you don’t want to make it suit your needs. 

The downside with this student planner is that it comes undated, though it features monthly divider stickers to help you customize it to your needs. You can still find the dated student happy planners. And the best of all is that you can find them in a range of colors. 

This student edition happy planner also comes in different sizes – the big size, which measures 9 by 11.25 inches, the standard size, which measures 7.75 by 9.75 inches, and the mini size, which measures 4.625 by 7 inches. If you have more note-taking to do, the bigger size will do for you.

How to Improve Your Time Management

A college planner should have played a significant role in helping you manage your time. However, there are also other things that you can do to ensure that you manage your time correctly. Let’s find out what we can do to improve our time management skills: 

a) Get Specific

Being specific or defining your goals will help you achieve them faster. Being too generic with your plans makes it harder to accomplish them because; one, you can’t track them, and secondly, you can’t measure your progress. That said, strive to define your goals by stating how you want to achieve them, with the steps involved

b) Make Lists

List down your activities – could be in terms of days, weeks, or months. Whatever the time frame, make sure that you are listing down your tasks, starting with the most important or urgent ones. If they are urgent, it will help to note down the specific task that is urgent. 

c) Stay Healthy

Staying healthy will not directly impact how you plan your time, but at least, it will help you carry out the tasks scheduled effectively. Staying healthy means that you will keep fit all the time, stay active to ensure that every activity planned has been executed. There are many ways to lead a healthy life. Exercising, eating a balanced diet are some of the ways to stay healthy.

Settling For College Planners

College student planners are unique because they are tailored to serve college students. It doesn’t matter how you want to make your planner look. If you like, make it simple, if you also wish, motivate yourself by using colors – it’s all your prerequisite. A college student planner can be a powerful resource in helping you run your college life more smoothly. 

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