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Top Countries to Pursue MBA

Today, the MBA has become the most sought-after education program. Remember, not just your career, but an education program can take you around the globe. However, the type of university and the program you select play important roles in designing your future. Therefore, the country you choose to pursue an MBA is crucial.

While you can choose to pursue the course in your home country, to set up a great career, make sure you choose one of the nations mentioned below. Let’s hope that an MBA from these countries will open up new doors for chasing your dreams. Just read on…


As everyone is aware, this nation is emerging as a world financial center. Lots of business giants are taking their businesses to Singapore to set up offices there. The Visa Express Singapore Incorporation page gives all the details about setting up a company in Singapore for a foreigner. Coming back to the topic, many people mistake Singapore for a tourist destination.

While it is true, Singapore is famous for its education sector too. Today, Singapore has managed to  get listed as a top country to pursue an MBA. Singapore also offers a wide variety of specializations in MBA. These options are not available in many other countries. Above all, several universities are enabling students to study while earning. Yes, they are allowing them to work for up to 18 hours per week.

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This is another famous destination to pursue an MBA. In recent years, the country has managed to enroll several international students from various parts of the globe. While the country is famous for its education sector, it has also managed to provide a friendly environment for international students. These factors, along with an attractive lifestyle, are found to be the major reasons why more students are choosing Australia to pursue their MBA.

One thing to be noted here is that most of the colleges in Australia require you to have 2 to 5 years of working experience, depending on the MBA program you select. When compared to many other business schools around the globe, Australian schools are found to believe in training rather than theoretical knowledge. Thus, for the MBA aspirants with work experience, Australia is the best destination.


Spain, which is a popular tourist destination, is also a top destination for MBA aspirants. Everyone knows that the flow of tourists to the country is more than the country’s population every year. But many are not aware that Spain has quality business schools, thereby making it one of the top destinations for students as well. The students are attracted to the country because of its rich culture and welcoming lifestyle.

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Just like Australian schools, the Spanish ones require students to have prior working experience in order to be admitted. Although this could be a disadvantage for some MBA aspirants, applicants with some kind of working experience would have a wide variety of programs to choose from. The online programs are also quite popular among the students across the globe.


This country cannot be ignored by any student. Both in terms of costs and employment factors, Canada stands higher than several other countries. While other top countries like Australia and the USA are costly when it comes to education, Canada appears to be affordable to students from across the globe. This is the major reason why this country is the most sought after by students.

An important thing to be noted here is that MBA programs in Canada would have different timelines. The timelines could vary from one year to 16 months. Therefore, you need to choose the business school that suits you. Overall, Canada seems to be popular for its “Hotel Management” courses.


The UK has a great reputation when it comes to education. The country is known for its prominent universities. Until today this country stands as one of the favorite destinations for MBA aspirants, with some of the best business schools. Here again, prior work experience will give you an edge over others. An interesting thing about the programs here is that most of the programs will run for  less than two years. So you can earn your degree in a shorter time span.

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Being home to some of the world’s best business schools, the USA is always at the top of the list among MBA aspirants. Every year a flock of students is drawn towards the USA to enroll in MBA programs. This is because the country has the highest number of top business schools in the world. Besides this, the salary packages for students who graduated from a US university are found to be higher than others.

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