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How Do Beginner’s Invest in Gold & Silver With Dealers

How to Do Beginner’s Invest in Gold & Silver With Dealers Alternative investments like gold and silver offer an excellent hedge against economic turbulence. While the government declares modern paper currency and electronic options as usable money and citizens are accepting of the product, these, in and of themselves, carry no intrinsic value. The rarity … Read more

Top 8 Specific Problems of Pricing

Top 8 Specific Problems of Pricing Pricing refers to the decision-making process that goes into determining a product or service’s value. The customer will pay the price specified during the pricing procedure for that goods or service.  When it comes to pricing, a firm may employ various tactics, but they can all fall under the … Read more

6 Ways to Fight a Price War

Price Wars A company can fight a price war without eroding its brand equity and profits. Besides retaliatory price cutting, there are other ways of reacting to price cuts initiated by a competitor. Of all the variables of a company’s marketing strategy, it takes the least time for executives to make changes in their pricing … Read more

Effective Pricing Cues

Pricing Cues Pricing cues should be planned, implemented and measured, to track their success. Long term organizational perspective should be uppermost while deciding on these cues. Customers do not have an accurate sense of prices of the items they are buying. And surprisingly most customers do not make any big effort to know the true … Read more

Consumption and Pricing

Consumption and Pricing Consumption of the offering is important to retain customers and to generate positive word of mouth about satisfaction. Pricing methods must be adjusted accordingly. If a customer pays regularly for the service he is using, he is steadily reminded of the cost, he is incurring and is more likely to use the … Read more

Factors Affecting Customer’s Price Sensitivity

Price Sensitivity Companies can reduce price sensitivity of customers and have more scope for moneuvring their Pricing strategies. Price sensitivity of customers will determine the latitude that a company will have in increasing its price. A company should know the price sensitivity of its customers and the factors affecting it. In certain situations a company … Read more