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Top Benefits of Having An Employee Recognition Program

Top Benefits of Having An Employee Recognition Program Employees are key factors in the success of any organization or business. Interestingly, they not only want benefits and good pay but also a fair treatment to contribute significantly to the organization through their work and to be appreciated and valued for their efforts. To show appreciation … Read more

Expectancy Theory of Motivation

Expectancy Theory of Motivation The theories of motivation are broadly classified into various heads such as Need theories, Process theories, etc. The Expectancy theory, which is the topic of this discussion falls within the category of process theories. Process theory deals with the explanation and description of the process of how behavior comes to be … Read more

Various Incentives To Motivate Employees

Various Incentives To Motivate Employees The working of human mind and human behavior even though complex can be simplified with the understanding of the right concepts. The working of the mind can be and has been learnt. We know that people across the world, rich and poor, educated and uneducated are driven by needs. Needs … Read more

 Importance of Motivation in an Organisation

What Is Motivation And How It Works? How are businesses successful? What lies at the core of an efficient and productive workforce? How do we ensure the work of a business is optimally performed? Why do employees do what they are asked to do? These are pertinent questions that need answers to. Many people can … Read more

Good Habits of Highly Effective People

Good Habits of Highly Effective People! Humans are creatures of habit and the habits you have created over time determine your success. Old habits are difficult to break but through habit formation you can build new behaviors, despite the difficulty encountered while trying to form them. Through repetition you can form good habits that will … Read more

What is Motivation and Features of Motivated Behavior

What is Motivation? One of the most frequently quoted definition describes work motivation as “a set of energetic forces both within and beyond and individual’s being, to initiate work related behavior and to determine its form, direction, intensity and duration.” This is the application of a psychological understanding of the motivated state of person. Young … Read more