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Understanding of Operations Management

Operation Management deals with the creation of goods and services through the application of the business concept. They are also vital in both service and manufacturing firms.  Operations Management has a primary objective, which is to employ the company’s resources to produce goods and services fit for the market. This post highlights the definitions, importance, and function of management concepts.

Operations Management

Definition- ‘Operations Management’

Operation Management is in charge of managing the conversion process. This unit handles the day-to-day running of the business to ensure operations within the organization are carried out smoothly. It is also in charge of production administration, manufacturing, and other processes like the rendering of services.

BREAKING DOWN ‘Operations Management’

In short, everything regarding involves utilizing resources such as designing, implementation, and control is the duty of operation management. And the sole aim is to deliver the desired products and services to clients while also ensuring that all parties involved are adhering to the policies presented by the management of the company. The focus is also to make sure that there is little or no wastage during and after the production process, through the effective use of the firm’s resources.

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Specific Responsibilities of Operations Management

As earlier mentioned the duty of the operations manager entails making sure that resource is used for the right thing and plays a significant role in the production process to ensure the team delivers quality output. Below are the functions of operations management.

1. Finance

Operation management’s responsibility is to make sure that the company’s resources are used in the right manner to generate goods that satisfy its customers.

2. Strategy

Operations managers also help in the development of plans or tactics that could lead to the maximization of resources and production of products that gives the company a competitive edge over its competitors.

3. Product Design

It is the operations manager’s responsibility to come up with product design that not only caters to the needs of customers but follows the market trend.

4. Forecasting

Operation management also predicts the performance of products or services in the future. In other words, he critically analyses what customers’ demand for certain products would be in the future.

Importance of Operation Management

The role of the operation manager is to ensure that products or services are always available and reaches customers promptly. He also makes sure that raw materials are transformed successfully into finished products. One importance of operation management is to improve the overall productivity of the business. Resources are also used properly in other to eliminate wastage and boost profit.

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