Importance of a Team and Teamwork

Everywhere you go people are always talking about the need for teamwork. Whether it is at home, office, sports event being a team is always said to be the key to achieving success in whatever you’re doing. One famous quote says “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” But, what is a team and why is teamwork so important? According to Cambridge dictionary, a team refers to people working together as a group in order to achieve something.

It further defines teamwork, as individuals working together in order to achieve a shared aim, rather than trying to achieve things just for yourself or working against each other. The ability to be a team player is one of the most sought-after skills by employers in current job markets.

Employers want to hire individuals who are able to contribute their own ideas but can also work with colleagues to come up with innovative ideas and see that they are brought to life. For a team to work well, each member needs to know their strengthens and weakness. By knowing you strengthens you are clear about what you have to offer to the team and weakness help you know where you can seek assistance from others.

For Good Teamwork Members Must;

  • Be Reliable– As a team member you should be dependable to get the work done.
  • Be Effective Communicators– you should be able to convey your ideas clearly and in a respectful manner.
  • Be a Good Listener– You are able to take criticism of your ideas positively and you listen and respect others different opinions.
  • Participate- There is no need to be part of a team if you are not going to offer anything. A team member must get involved in team activities and contribute often.
  • Be Willing to Share– A team member must share their knowledge, experience, and information freely with the team. Don’t hide what you know and could be of great use in getting work done.
  • Be Cooperative– You must be willing to work with others to get the job done. Don’t be the person who blocks team effort.
  • Be Flexible– You must be willing to change course when the team sees it fit to do so. You must also adapt to new changes when they occur.
  • Be Respectful– A team without respect for each other is doomed to fail. Members should treat each other with courtesy and respect every time. A healthy respect for individual preferences and customs must be maintained.
  • Be Committed – As a member you should be committed to objectives of the team. When committed you give your best to the team.
  • Be Problem Solvers- You are good at finding solutions. During the brainstorming session, you offer ideas how to tackle a particular issue.
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Now that you know what a team is and characteristics for good teamwork lets delve into the importance of teamwork.

The Teamwork Benefits Are Indisputable. It helps;

  • Ensure Everybody Works Towards The Same GoalOrganisation strategy is best achieved if all staff are included. By including all employees everybody knows what is expected of them and they do their best to ensure they deliver otherwise they will be letting down the team.
  • In Distribution of Work-Teamwork ensures that work is equally shared or divided according to individual skill sets. Distribution ensures that nobody is overburden and everyone gets work according to what they can handle.
  • Better RelationshipsWorking as a team leads to camaraderie among members. This camaraderie makes members feel close to each other and are ready to support each other when the need arises or when one is not able to accomplish a task.
  • Develop Creativity– Team members have different perspectives and hence group sessions benefit from various creative thoughts which lead to better idea formulation.
  • Faster Completion Of Work-Individuals- Working as a team will get work done faster than if only one person was doing it.
  • Benefit From Different Skill Sets– Each member of a team brings a certain set of skills with them their skills complement each other.

The importance of teamwork can be seen in the list above.

With Real Teamwork, a Good Organizational Culture is Built Where;

  • Staff trust colleagues to deliver on their assignments.
  • Staff are willing to assist when called upon to do so.
  • Staff share a common vision and future.
  • The organization has good conflict resolution mechanism.
  • Open communication applies.
  • Consensus building is the norm.
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Team efforts are the best way to achieve success at any level. As an individual, you can accomplish a lot by yourself but with a team, you can do the impossible. To finish with a quote “A culture is strong when people work with each other for each other & weak when people work against each other for themselves.” Remember teams don’t just happen, they need to be built! When employees work together to accomplish a goal, everyone benefits